• Jeanne-Marie Faber

I am moving toward prosperity

Every step I take moves me closer toward a life full of prosperity. I know that it can take time to achieve my prosperity goals. I am willing to put in the time and energy.

My current situation is irrelevant. Regardless of my current finances or other popular measures of abundance, I know that my life is becoming more abundant each day. I am certain this is true.

I measure prosperity in many ways: finances, health, love, fulfilment, and enjoyment.

I can already see how my life is changing.

I am taking steps each day to create greater levels of prosperity. I avoid the belief that I can enjoy prosperity through my thoughts alone. I am willing to accept the responsibility of creating abundance in my life. I am in control of my outcomes.

I believe in my ability to create and enjoy a prosperous existence. I can easily see the future I desire in my mind. I am surrounded by an excess of everything that I need for a full and complete life.

My daily life and activities reflect my desire to be prosperous. I take the necessary action and hold supportive beliefs to encourage prosperity into my life.

Today, I am moving closer to a prosperous life. I take action each day to make real progress. Each day brings me closer and closer to the abundant life I desire.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What have I done in the last week to create greater prosperity in my life?

2. What do I believe I will gain by living a more prosperous life?

3. How have I made progress in my life over the last five years as it relates to prosperity?